Why Some People Aren’t Successful On Instagram

Instagram is probably my favorite social media site and it is the one with which I have found most success over the years. I don’t have a business, I simply use the photo-sharing site for my own personal use and over the years I have gained a large amount of real Instagram followers who regularly comment and interact with my content. I often speak to people however who tell me that they find Instagram a difficult social media platform to find success with and in truth, I struggled to understand why. If you want success on Instagram then the first step is to understand where others go wrong, let’s take a look.

Poor Content
Unlike with some other social media channels, profiles will live and die through the quality of their content on Instagram and if yours is not up to scratch, you will never find the success that you are after. Those who aren’t successful are those who do not give enough time to their content and simply upload the first photo that they take. You should be looking at creating high quality content, not just content for content’s sake. This means adding colors and filters on your photos, making sure that your content adds value and ultimately, making content that looks great.

Not Engaging
Instagram, much like the rest of the internet, is a community and you cannot expect to be able to reap the benefits of the community, if you are not prepared to involve yourself in it. For this reason you should be actively engaging with people who like and comment on your stuff and you should also reach out to others within your industry to engage with their content. With the greatest content in the world, inactivity from an engagement point of view is a surefire way to fail when it comes to popularity.

Missing The Trends
Originality is most definitely important when it comes to who you use Instagram but so too is understanding what is hot, and creating content  that falls in line with topical events. You can easily see what is trending on Instagram with a quick search and if you can then create something which is relevant to these trending topics, you are likely to find much success. I endeavor each week to create a piece of content which falls under the ‘hot topic’ category and I see a great deal of success coming from this. If you aren’t staying relevant then you run the risk of being deemed unimportant which will see your Instagram profile fail to find any success.

Make sure that you spend a great deal of time on your Instagram profile, use all of the tools that are available to you and don’t forget about the idea of community. If you expect to see any kind of success from your Instagram account, avoid following in the footsteps of those who fail to truly understand what the site is all about.


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