Which is The Best for Mobile Phone – Android, iOS or Windows?

Operating system in mobile phone has changes the way to use of traditional mobile phone. Now mobile is not only for calling and sending SMS, it becomes a big source of sharing information, multimedia, latest technology, gaming and internet. This all happen because of latest technology and use of operating system in mobile. Now almost all mobile coming with Android, iOS and Windows operating system and fact this entire three operating system platform have their different strength and weaknesses. Here is detail description of all operating system choose which is the best platform for your latest mobile phone.

1. Android OS:-

This is Linux based operating system basically designed for touch screen mobile device and tablet computers developed by Android Inc. that was later acquired by Google and released as open source. No doubt this is most popular mobile platform and having more than 600000 apps available on Google app. This all are apps include songs, books, games and thousands of movies that make your mobile experience more entertain able. Android is not only the most popular smartphone OS but now it is ready to dominate windows and hybrid OS to mid 2013. This is already smart device and need only to be smarter with lots of new features that you will never find at any other mobile OS platform.

2. iPhone OS:-

Apple inc. has developed and distributes iPhone mobile operating system for iPhone and iPod touch platform that was originally released in 2007. Similar to Google play store apple’s app store contain more than 700,000 iOS application with more than 30 million download. This iOS mobile is just behind the Google android in mobile market. There are many reasons to love iOS such as its reliable, gorgeous hardware and most important features largest library of content and application.

 3. Windows 8 OS:-

Everyone is familiar with window operating system in their personal computers and laptops but window phone OS is specially developed for mobile platform to competition with Google Android and Apple iOS. The latest release of window phone is window phone 8 that was launched in last year and available for consumers. Microsoft created new user interface and design for their windows 8 mobile phone. Window specially developed to aim people those want lightweight device that offer a lots of hardware features in competitive tablet. You can also say window 8 is just full-fledged PC with touch screen oriented GUI. Window phone 8 can work like as any PC do but in touch oriented features on mobile phone. 
These are the features and benefit of all above mobile operating system but remember every OS has their own limitation and features. Choose your own latest phone platform that best suit to your requirement and tastes.   


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