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WhatsApp is perfect for all those want to always connect with friends and family on mobile by doing simple SMS or chat on their mobile. WharsApp is a cross-mobile messenger platform that allows sending messages each other without having to pay for SMS. This is like an instant messenger application almost available on all smart phone such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and windows phone. For batter user experience this app is not only for sending SMS but it also allow user to make group and send each other images, audio and video files. Now we can say WhatsApp complete App of connecting each other as socially with friends at no cost.

This Application has instantly popular in couple of year due to feature and function of this application. For android user this is one of the popular app for social networking it is among more popular on mobile than Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Here I am going to share with you WhatsApp for android mobile with their latest features and function.

Hidden Cost: - There is no any hidden cost to use this Application you can send as many as SMS to your friends without pay anything. Just download this app and enjoy the benefit of whatsapp it only use your mobile internet network connective.
Multimedia: - This is beautiful function of this app you can send each other message, audio and video files.
Group Chat: - Make group of your friends, family and dame interest and enjoy of chat in group.
International Charges:- There is no any additional charges for international messaging this app is perfect those have network not limited in their country only by using this app you can connect or messaging your friends and family those are out of your country without paying anything.
No More Username & Log IN/OUT: - The best part of this you don’t need to remember one more username to use this app, your mobile number here is your username and also you don’t need to be taking tension of Log In/Out of your account.   
WhatsApp use your mobile 3G or WiFi to sending messages to their friends and family. For the first year this app is free and after that the cost of this app to use for a year is 0.99$. To becoming Android mobile phone more popular company is also doing update in their app to make more compatible with android mobile. Similar with WhatsApp is come with new update for latest design and native feel. From Google play sources it says the changes bring the “latest Android look and feel”.

What’s New in the New Version: -

1. It is 2.9.5196 version
2. Group Chat limit increase to 50 participant per group
3. Now you fill no bug and any crash in App
4. Now it available with new and improve colours and layout
5. It update user interface with latest android look and feel
6. Now it available to 3 yrs and 5 yrs services at discount.
For Android user WhatsApp available on Google play with latest features and average 4.6 user rating.


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