Top Android Fun and Education Apps for Kids

To find out perfect app for your mobile out of 700,000 is bit difficult and it become worse when it come to choose for your kids. At this holiday season kids want to spend their time to play game on their elder’s smart phone. So, it is our responsibility to choose apps for kids that are not only for fun but also provide education to them. Here are the some top android apps that your kids will be love.

iStory Books :-

This may be one of the best educational apps for your kids it enables to read books on your android phone. There are also free books available with picture, alternative languages and voice-over fancy technique create interest and fun for kids. This is very simple and sweet app for educate your kids with entertainment. Every two week one new book uploaded on this app that is one nice feature of this app.

Kids Number and Maths:-

Kids are always get to difficulty and do complains when they start to learn numbers. This app may be become very good option to teach your kids number system, it includes number of exercise to learn numbers in funny way. This app is available for free and paid version there paid version available with some more feature and customization and but free version is also fine to just learning a numbers.

How to Make Paper Airplanes:-

In your childhood you definitely make planes by paper and fly it on sky, this app allow to your kids from how many times you can make a plane and failed on it and find a new way to create it again. This is app is available free to android user and parents find this is one of the best app for their children because it allow kids to create their thoughts differently and impressive that in their dreams.

 AniWorld Lite:-

 This is one of the perfect gaming app for kids age between one to five, app is very basic and very useful for kids those are trying to learn the name of animals. There is one more featuring that like by parents and kids it enable to kid for virtually feed and pet the animal.

Steamy Window:-

Every kids like to draw pictures of their imagination even also on foggy window, may be you have also done in your childhood on car’s glass window. Especially kids are like this idea very much and this app enables this idea on your phone. The best part of this app there are no limitation for your kids they can draw as many as imagination they want to create.


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