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Facebook is one of the most famous social networking website with largest number of user database. According to Facebook more than 1.02 billion approximately number of active user in worldwide and we can say after two countries in terms of population Facebook has largest number of user or it is third most populated country on internet. Maximum numbers of user on Facebook come from America, Brazil and India. Facebook has popular because of continuous changes and improvement that make this social networking website most popular in the world.

Introduction of Facebook-Home

In this same series Facebook has launched their new App for mobile user that is “Facebook Home”. Facebook has introduced home at 4 April, 2013 with promise to turn your android phone into a great, living social phone. We all want to share and connect to each other at real time this is main concept behind to develop this feature by Facebook. We discover new information and want to share with our friends and family. We used our mobile phone but today phone has comes in lots of tasks and apps. To see what happening around with your friends you use your phone and navigate through lots of separate apps. Now we think what matter most for us sharing and connecting and what would your phone put if your friends and family on first priority.
Here Facebook-Home comes this is not a phone or any operating system and this is much more than one simple app. By using home you will see the world through real people not an app.

Zuckerberg Reveals 'Facebook Home' for Android

“You are going to turn your Android phone on great social device – Marks Zuckerberg”
Zuckerberg said putting people first instant of Apps and to prove this he unveiled their Facebook network on Android device. There are some most important features of Facebook-Home
1. Cover Feed
2. Chat Heads
3. Notification
4. Apps
After installing this it will put update on your phone’s home screen via features called Cover Feed content from Facebook on entire screen and easily navigate through update by simple swiping. The another novel feature of Facebook-Home is Chat head that works like Facebook messenger, this work like Facebook messenger and SMS but not third party apps.

Available Phone on Facebook-Home

At their launch of home only some certain specific phone can used this new feature of Facebook and tablet user has wait for some time. The first compatible phones are HTC, One and One X, Samsung Galaxy S 3, Galaxy S 4 and note 2, Zuckerberg said. HTC also unveiled one phone with pre build Facebook-Home that is HTC first.

Facebook Home Android APK Leaks

If you are android user and want to check out how Facebook-Home work on android first thing I want to clear that this is not an app this is software that convert your simple android phone into one social device. If you are real impatient and can’t wait to official release than beta version has leaked and it is available to try now (via verge). But this is only in leaked and beta version so all function not work properly.
Facebook says it will be update Facebook home on monthly basis. You can get more detail about Home on Facebook page. 


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