Some Android App That Should be in Your Mobile in 2013

There are always these problems which app should be kept in mobile and which one is remove it. Here we are going to discuss some random app of 2013 that should be in your mobile these all apps are in different category with useful and unique features. 

Juice Defender Ultimate

Most android device user has complain with their battery life so this is must have app to all those one want to improve their android device battery life. There are three version available for user one is free and two are paid it help to give right amount of adjustment that fit to your needs.

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

Sometime you face this problem when you left the office and after that you realize need to access that computer. Than splashtop app is perfect option for you with the help of this app you can easily access your computer from anywhere with internet connection it allow to access entire computer screen or partial version or shrunk down. From Google play store you can download this application. 

Business Calendar

For business person those always need to schedule their appointment and meeting this is really useful app to schedule task and reminder. This is easy to use and you can easily change from month to week day view and drag - drop function that unable to change appointment easily.


This app are available for both free and paid version if you are music lover than this is perfect app for you, it enable to listen every song that you ever want to listen. It is available to download on Google play store.


Love to listen radio at every time when you are on driving and doing your work than this app makes your radio experience much batter. It was recently redesigned and now you can customize your radio application and this is main feature of this app with local radio station, you can customize station that is based on your music test.


This is one of the fast growing social networking site and maximum number of user after Facebook and Twitter. You can easily share your images on this social networking site and create your own board, like and repin items. 


You really like to read news of your interest than this is one of the best app it brings news from Facebook, Twitter and other social feed that you actually read to interested it. This is also shown news from feeds like BBC and USA today.


Need to video and audio calling app than this is perfect alternative for skype with messaging option and this is allow free communication between tango user.
So, now download this app and enjoy it on your android device.


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