Google Launches Play Movies and TV Android Apps

Google knows that India has very potential market because of large population and increasing significant number of internet user every year. For this Google tried to their best to reach every kind of Indian audience in this same segment at last month Google added Books section in play store and started to take pre-ordered of their latest mobile Google Nexus 7. Now Google has started to focus on entertainment segment that is really very good news to all entertainment lover and it started in form of android app. Google has added their new Google Play Movies and TV app that is available to download on all android device. This is a preloaded store include every features that makes this app unique and take you on next level of entertainment.

Google Play Movies & TV App for Android User: -

This app combines features of all Movies and TV serial at one single app for Android device, this app is combination of Bollywood and Hollywood movies but this is limited to US TV serial only. You can rent or buy your favourite movie at any time with the help of this new app. This app also provide feature to watch movie with online streaming or download to watch later it. The one more feature of this app you can play video when you are offline and video is not only available in normal version but you can also find HD version available video.

ITunes Movies Vs Android Play Store Movies: -

iTunes movies are available for iPhone device user and in comparison of both this app price of this new android app are cheaper than iTunes movies. You can find various available features on this app almost half price compare to iTunes movie, both are good in quality wise. But in content wish iTunes leads play store because it is available from very long time with the time play store also make their identity in entertainment segment.

Google Play Movies & TV Features: -

·         Cheaper Price
·         Very Large Content Base
·         Serial Coverage
·         Available Free to Download
·         Global Availability
·         Live Streamed Video
·         Safer Transaction
·         Watch Later to Downloaded Video
·         Available Filter for Movies Like Legendary, All Time Hits, Award Winning etc.
This app is available on Google play store to download, it is available on all type of android smart phone and tablets. This is complete new app so it may be possible you can find difficulty to get your favourite content instantly than wait for some more days to get fast access and better content. This app make some famous movies features that user download and watch it instantly.   


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