Why Some People Aren’t Successful On Instagram

Instagram is probably my favorite social media site and it is the one with which I have found most success over the years. I don’t have a business, I simply use the photo-sharing site for my own personal use and over the years I have gained a large amount of real Instagram followers who regularly comment and interact with my content. I often speak to people however who tell me that they find Instagram a difficult social media platform to find success with and in truth, I struggled to understand why. If you want success on Instagram then the first step is to understand where others go wrong, let’s take a look.

Poor Content
Unlike with some other social media channels, profiles will live and die through the quality of their content on Instagram and if yours is not up to scratch, you will never find the success that you are after. Those who aren’t successful are those who do not give enough time to their content and simply upload the first photo that they take. You should be looking at creating high quality content, not just content for content’s sake. This means adding colors and filters on your photos, making sure that your content adds value and ultimately, making content that looks great.

Not Engaging
Instagram, much like the rest of the internet, is a community and you cannot expect to be able to reap the benefits of the community, if you are not prepared to involve yourself in it. For this reason you should be actively engaging with people who like and comment on your stuff and you should also reach out to others within your industry to engage with their content. With the greatest content in the world, inactivity from an engagement point of view is a surefire way to fail when it comes to popularity.

Missing The Trends
Originality is most definitely important when it comes to who you use Instagram but so too is understanding what is hot, and creating content  that falls in line with topical events. You can easily see what is trending on Instagram with a quick search and if you can then create something which is relevant to these trending topics, you are likely to find much success. I endeavor each week to create a piece of content which falls under the ‘hot topic’ category and I see a great deal of success coming from this. If you aren’t staying relevant then you run the risk of being deemed unimportant which will see your Instagram profile fail to find any success.

Make sure that you spend a great deal of time on your Instagram profile, use all of the tools that are available to you and don’t forget about the idea of community. If you expect to see any kind of success from your Instagram account, avoid following in the footsteps of those who fail to truly understand what the site is all about.

ASUS PC ET2040IUK guarantees the proven consistency

ASUS has presented a highly developed solution to all your computing requirements - the all-in-one PC ET2040IUK. Now have the benefit of an advanced computing practice with the ultra slim computing tool, which comes packed with the top notch Intel® processor and superior graphics.
Augment your productivity, amusement, and internet surfing experience with the great 19.5 inches high definition LED-backlit broad display, 500 gigabyte hard drive in addition to 100 gigabyte cloud storage on ASUS Web Storage free of charge and huge back-up power to avoid data loss. The new offering’s Intel high definition graphics architecture delivers faster graphics performance, and hence saves extra time. In order to enjoy hands free entertainment, the new product’s pioneering gesture control is a grand feature. Play tunes, alter player settings, zoom or swivel photographs with superior HGRS that utilizes the incorporated camera to precisely interpret progressions.

As per Mr. Peter Chang, Regional Chief, South Asia & Country Manager, System Business Group, ASUS India, "The new device guarantees the proven consistency of the company’s desktop PCs for a really extraordinary computing experience, which promises calmness. Its space saving pattern is balanced by its smart integral backup power. With flexible functionalities that can be utilized for office job, internet browsing and gaming, the AiO ET2040 is all-around enough to turn the daily tasks simple and quicker while delimiting entertainment for the user."

The ASUS Sonic Master Technology allows hi-fi sound optimized by trade specialists. It provides absolute connectivity, which is more competent and supple with 3 Super Speed USB 3.0 ports to recharge your cellular phones, tablet computers or other Universal Serial Bus devices up to 50 per cent quicker as compared with USB 2.0, and relocate information between gadgets up to 10 times faster.

In addition, the PC offers incorporated security and defense services.

The company’s new product is obtainable at Amazon.in/ at a price of Rs. 24,999.

If you are still having confusion regarding the Asus ET2040IUK, you could check a video trailer up here directly from Asus.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Androids User

Today is the world of smart phone now you care picture from your mobile and upload on your favourite social networking sites or some time also used to share with your friends and family. But when you used to computer than you have an option to editing by available photo editing tools but this may be you are missing on Android mobile. So, here we are sharing best Android apps that help to do changes and editing in picture that you capture. If photography is your hobby or you just want to do some changes to make clearer picture than this are very useful apps.     

Picsay: -

Picsay is one of the most popular photos editing apps for android mobile user this app come with all basic editing features in addition few advance and extra functionality that help to produce interesting photos. With this app you can perform adjusting, contrast, add content, temperature, brightness, under only one tab. These following features also make your image more interesting.
·         Pixelize
·         Rainbow
·         Spotlight
·         Invert
·         Budge, sphere, stretch or twirl effect
Unique feature that make this app popular in this category are ability to add Word balloons, titles and stickers having with customizable fonts and colours that you can arrange them anywhere on photos.

Little Photos: -

Little photo one of my favourites photo editing app for android mobile used, these apps having consisted of some basic features adding frames, rotating pictures, brightness and contrast of images. You can also adjust and change the intensity of images that suit to your flavour there are some more features that make this app more unique are easy to use, multi exposure, burn spot and body glow.


Similar to above app this also makes your photography experience more excitable and interesting. This app also provide filter option but in very large range than little photo with dozens of options. You can arrange filter in categories like photo frames, photo filters and light filters but there is drawback of this filter is limited to use for one filter at time in each category. But you can face all this hassle because these app best things it never is irritate you by ads.

Touch Retouch Free: -

You want to erase or remove completely that reducing beauty of your capture picture than this app is very good option. This app comes with little features but it is free and easy to make your photo perfect that you want to share on social networking on social networking or with your friends and family.  

Facebook Home – New Feature Android Mobile User

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking website with largest number of user database. According to Facebook more than 1.02 billion approximately number of active user in worldwide and we can say after two countries in terms of population Facebook has largest number of user or it is third most populated country on internet. Maximum numbers of user on Facebook come from America, Brazil and India. Facebook has popular because of continuous changes and improvement that make this social networking website most popular in the world.

Introduction of Facebook-Home

In this same series Facebook has launched their new App for mobile user that is “Facebook Home”. Facebook has introduced home at 4 April, 2013 with promise to turn your android phone into a great, living social phone. We all want to share and connect to each other at real time this is main concept behind to develop this feature by Facebook. We discover new information and want to share with our friends and family. We used our mobile phone but today phone has comes in lots of tasks and apps. To see what happening around with your friends you use your phone and navigate through lots of separate apps. Now we think what matter most for us sharing and connecting and what would your phone put if your friends and family on first priority.
Here Facebook-Home comes this is not a phone or any operating system and this is much more than one simple app. By using home you will see the world through real people not an app.

Zuckerberg Reveals 'Facebook Home' for Android

“You are going to turn your Android phone on great social device – Marks Zuckerberg”
Zuckerberg said putting people first instant of Apps and to prove this he unveiled their Facebook network on Android device. There are some most important features of Facebook-Home
1. Cover Feed
2. Chat Heads
3. Notification
4. Apps
After installing this it will put update on your phone’s home screen via features called Cover Feed content from Facebook on entire screen and easily navigate through update by simple swiping. The another novel feature of Facebook-Home is Chat head that works like Facebook messenger, this work like Facebook messenger and SMS but not third party apps.

Available Phone on Facebook-Home

At their launch of home only some certain specific phone can used this new feature of Facebook and tablet user has wait for some time. The first compatible phones are HTC, One and One X, Samsung Galaxy S 3, Galaxy S 4 and note 2, Zuckerberg said. HTC also unveiled one phone with pre build Facebook-Home that is HTC first.

Facebook Home Android APK Leaks

If you are android user and want to check out how Facebook-Home work on android first thing I want to clear that this is not an app this is software that convert your simple android phone into one social device. If you are real impatient and can’t wait to official release than beta version has leaked and it is available to try now (via verge). But this is only in leaked and beta version so all function not work properly.
Facebook says it will be update Facebook home on monthly basis. You can get more detail about Home on Facebook page. 

Top 5 Most Downloaded Free Android Games

Android has open source operating system that was developed in 2003 to make mobile device smarter.  Google has acquired the right on android and first android phone sold out in back 2008 and now more than 75% of user in world is using android Smartphone.  This is low cost, open source and most important perfect for gaming, touch screen feature of phone making gaming more interesting and that makes gaming popular option in android mobile phone. If you are game lover than android is perfect platform to play game on mobile. Here are top 5 most popular gaming android apps and best thing this all are free to download.

1. Angry Birds:

Do you know Angry Birds mainly was developed for iOS platform by gaming developed company Rovio in December 2009 but within few month this has become most popular gaming application and after this huge success company decided to launch this application also on Android OS. This has become most downloaded app on internet with more than 1.7 billion downloads. Company have been released 4 version of android app and each version has top rated in Android games.

2. Temple Run:-

This is one another most popular and famous game among in android user with 170 million download. The one simple endless running concept with lots of animation and themes makes this game more popular in user. This game was created by husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and released by Imangi studio. Initial this was a paid app but later it was released as free app for android user. The latest version of Temple Run 2 released on January 2013 with record of most downloaded app in world just 10 days.     

 3. Subway Surfers:-

This is also one of the endless running games there are many endless running game available on Google play but this has much worth similar to temple run. In comparison with temple run subway surfer has many attribute that make this game more interesting and batter for user experience.  This is first. This is HD game and lot of work done on their visual that make subway surfer one of the most interesting game on Android mobile.

4. Fruit Ninja:-

The popularity of this game simple juicy theme with more than 100 million downloads on android mobile. Objective of this game to score high by slice as much as maximum fruit possible by touch with many obstacle come between the play that make game more interesting. You can find three mode for this game simple, zen and arcade. There is no doubt with all this features Fruit Ninja one of the top choices of Android user.

 5. Real Football 2012:-

Gameloft is one of the best companies that developing android mobile game and the biggest success of company come with Real Football 2012. This game has many attractive features with real time you can choose, add remove and customize your favourite players and teams. You can replay the game that you just watched on TV and of course also change the result of game in the virtual world. This is one of the best features in this game that makes it on top 5 most download android game. 
Now is your turn don’t wait start surfing and download all this game and make your android game experience more wonderful.

Top Free Android Apps for Travel & Holiday Lover

Summer has come and this is a season of holidays and marriages in this season you have also plan to travel at particular location and want to enjoy your holidays with family members. This is also season when travel lover want to explore beauty of nature and capture in their camera. Today we are going to share top free android apps that help to you in travelling and will make your holiday experience more enjoyable and excitable.

 Indian Rail Train and IRCTC Info: -

You prefer to travel maximum journey by train than this is perfect app for your android mobile, this is app of Indian Railway with this app you can book your tickets in general, reservation and tatkal in all categories. This app also help to cancel your reserved ticket at any time, you can see the PNR status of your reserved tickets. One most important and unique feature of this app you can check the running status of your train and all this information you can save easily and share it with your friends and family via SMS, email and whatsapp etc. This app is available on Google play with 4.6 average users rating for free to download.

Street View on Google Map: -

You are in new city and don’t know the address or way to reach that location than this app help you a lot with number of useful features. Indian rail train and IRCTC info app help to find medium to reach that location and this app will give you a route to reach that particular address. With this app you can check the street view of your location or also explore the world in street view. This app allows seeing the popular landmark, places that you want to visit in city. Want to use this app open Google map search for an address and tap on the street view option this is also available on Google play with more than 4.3 rating.           

Hotels Near Me: -

At new location to search a perfect place to stay is not an easy for that this one is a perfect app. With the help of this app you can search hotels that are located near to you, this app use inside GSM chip of your phone to collect information of 60,000 hotels and show you some selected hotel that is near to your location. You can check the rating and see the pictures of hotel and booked from this app according to your comfort and test.  

Getit Local Search: -

This app used to GPS system of your device and collects all information near to you such as restaurant, petrol pump and ATM and with the help of this app you can find any location. You can also used this app to your local guide it is also available on Google play with 4.5 average users rating.

Shop Circle: -

At vacation you can’t miss shopping and this is perfect android app for shopping lover, this app help to find perfect shopping store and products of your choice. You can get price information of different products with the help of this app, only in 10 min this app collect the data of shopping store 10 KM in a range with latest offer and discounts. Now just compare all best offers according to your choice and choose your favourite shopping store.     
We hope you will enjoy benefits of all this apps in your android mobile when you are on vacation with friends and family.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Mobile

WhatsApp is perfect for all those want to always connect with friends and family on mobile by doing simple SMS or chat on their mobile. WharsApp is a cross-mobile messenger platform that allows sending messages each other without having to pay for SMS. This is like an instant messenger application almost available on all smart phone such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and windows phone. For batter user experience this app is not only for sending SMS but it also allow user to make group and send each other images, audio and video files. Now we can say WhatsApp complete App of connecting each other as socially with friends at no cost.

This Application has instantly popular in couple of year due to feature and function of this application. For android user this is one of the popular app for social networking it is among more popular on mobile than Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Here I am going to share with you WhatsApp for android mobile with their latest features and function.

Hidden Cost: - There is no any hidden cost to use this Application you can send as many as SMS to your friends without pay anything. Just download this app and enjoy the benefit of whatsapp it only use your mobile internet network connective.
Multimedia: - This is beautiful function of this app you can send each other message, audio and video files.
Group Chat: - Make group of your friends, family and dame interest and enjoy of chat in group.
International Charges:- There is no any additional charges for international messaging this app is perfect those have network not limited in their country only by using this app you can connect or messaging your friends and family those are out of your country without paying anything.
No More Username & Log IN/OUT: - The best part of this you don’t need to remember one more username to use this app, your mobile number here is your username and also you don’t need to be taking tension of Log In/Out of your account.   
WhatsApp use your mobile 3G or WiFi to sending messages to their friends and family. For the first year this app is free and after that the cost of this app to use for a year is 0.99$. To becoming Android mobile phone more popular company is also doing update in their app to make more compatible with android mobile. Similar with WhatsApp is come with new update for latest design and native feel. From Google play sources it says the changes bring the “latest Android look and feel”.

What’s New in the New Version: -

1. It is 2.9.5196 version
2. Group Chat limit increase to 50 participant per group
3. Now you fill no bug and any crash in App
4. Now it available with new and improve colours and layout
5. It update user interface with latest android look and feel
6. Now it available to 3 yrs and 5 yrs services at discount.
For Android user WhatsApp available on Google play with latest features and average 4.6 user rating.

Which is The Best for Mobile Phone – Android, iOS or Windows?

Operating system in mobile phone has changes the way to use of traditional mobile phone. Now mobile is not only for calling and sending SMS, it becomes a big source of sharing information, multimedia, latest technology, gaming and internet. This all happen because of latest technology and use of operating system in mobile. Now almost all mobile coming with Android, iOS and Windows operating system and fact this entire three operating system platform have their different strength and weaknesses. Here is detail description of all operating system choose which is the best platform for your latest mobile phone.

1. Android OS:-

This is Linux based operating system basically designed for touch screen mobile device and tablet computers developed by Android Inc. that was later acquired by Google and released as open source. No doubt this is most popular mobile platform and having more than 600000 apps available on Google app. This all are apps include songs, books, games and thousands of movies that make your mobile experience more entertain able. Android is not only the most popular smartphone OS but now it is ready to dominate windows and hybrid OS to mid 2013. This is already smart device and need only to be smarter with lots of new features that you will never find at any other mobile OS platform.

2. iPhone OS:-

Apple inc. has developed and distributes iPhone mobile operating system for iPhone and iPod touch platform that was originally released in 2007. Similar to Google play store apple’s app store contain more than 700,000 iOS application with more than 30 million download. This iOS mobile is just behind the Google android in mobile market. There are many reasons to love iOS such as its reliable, gorgeous hardware and most important features largest library of content and application.

 3. Windows 8 OS:-

Everyone is familiar with window operating system in their personal computers and laptops but window phone OS is specially developed for mobile platform to competition with Google Android and Apple iOS. The latest release of window phone is window phone 8 that was launched in last year and available for consumers. Microsoft created new user interface and design for their windows 8 mobile phone. Window specially developed to aim people those want lightweight device that offer a lots of hardware features in competitive tablet. You can also say window 8 is just full-fledged PC with touch screen oriented GUI. Window phone 8 can work like as any PC do but in touch oriented features on mobile phone. 
These are the features and benefit of all above mobile operating system but remember every OS has their own limitation and features. Choose your own latest phone platform that best suit to your requirement and tastes.   

Best 5-Inch Budget Android Phone in Indian Market

Now mobile has changed their tradition of small size and key buttons are changed with touch screen and long size mobile phone. There are 5 inch of mobile screen has become fashion of mobile user and now most phone slowly change their screen size. Today we are here with best 5 inch mobile phone that best suit in your budget and best in India market.

Micromax Canvas HD:-

This mobile comes on first position on 5 inch mobile screen with latest feature and very interesting user GUI. The body of this smart phone is slimiest 5 inch mobile with light weight 156 grams and 10.7 mm thickness. It consist high resolution at 1280 x 720 pixels that comes in (high definition) HD range and 4 GB internal memory that expandable to 32 GB. Now we talk about the camera that is 8 megapixels with auto focus dual LED flash. The best part of this mobile price that is low in this range of mobile phone and you will never fill this is in cheap range because look of this mobile phone.

Karbonn Smart A11:-

In 5 inch range this come second in this segments with dual SIM android smart phone with 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor that support Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS platform. This mobile consist of 5MP auto focus front facing camera with LED flash, 3.5 mm audio jack coming with FM radio and 4 GB internal memory that would be expendable to 32 GB and 2150 mAh battery. This is also low price best for touch and long screen mobile lover.

Lava Iris 501:-

This is also dual SIM 5 inch and running on android ICS, graphic of this smart phone make this mobile vivid and smooth multi-touch screen experience best for game lover. The 1 GHz processor makes able all heavy application to run smoothly. It is coming with 4 GB internal memory that expendable up to 32 GB via MicroSD card. When you watch your favirot video, play game than this mobile makes your screen alive. For capturing and sharing your best moment this mobile has 5 MP back camera with rare VGA camera.

iBall Andi 5C:-

These phones also support dual SIM and come with 5 inch smooth screen but having only 1 GHz cortex A9 processor. It supports Android OS with 4 GB internal memory that may expendable to 32 GB and having 2300 mAh battery. The main function of this mobile has 5 MP auto-focus camera that come up build-in flash that provide multi-shot and panorama capture option which combine wide area of capture space of all frames to make single picture. Similar to other mobile this is also coming in good price range that best suit for mobile market of India.
This all mobile all are good in 5-inch android smart phone range now its depend on your requirement and test which one you like most and update your mobile with this latest mobile and makes mobile experience more batter and enjoyable.

Top Android Fun and Education Apps for Kids

To find out perfect app for your mobile out of 700,000 is bit difficult and it become worse when it come to choose for your kids. At this holiday season kids want to spend their time to play game on their elder’s smart phone. So, it is our responsibility to choose apps for kids that are not only for fun but also provide education to them. Here are the some top android apps that your kids will be love.

iStory Books :-

This may be one of the best educational apps for your kids it enables to read books on your android phone. There are also free books available with picture, alternative languages and voice-over fancy technique create interest and fun for kids. This is very simple and sweet app for educate your kids with entertainment. Every two week one new book uploaded on this app that is one nice feature of this app.

Kids Number and Maths:-

Kids are always get to difficulty and do complains when they start to learn numbers. This app may be become very good option to teach your kids number system, it includes number of exercise to learn numbers in funny way. This app is available for free and paid version there paid version available with some more feature and customization and but free version is also fine to just learning a numbers.

How to Make Paper Airplanes:-

In your childhood you definitely make planes by paper and fly it on sky, this app allow to your kids from how many times you can make a plane and failed on it and find a new way to create it again. This is app is available free to android user and parents find this is one of the best app for their children because it allow kids to create their thoughts differently and impressive that in their dreams.

 AniWorld Lite:-

 This is one of the perfect gaming app for kids age between one to five, app is very basic and very useful for kids those are trying to learn the name of animals. There is one more featuring that like by parents and kids it enable to kid for virtually feed and pet the animal.

Steamy Window:-

Every kids like to draw pictures of their imagination even also on foggy window, may be you have also done in your childhood on car’s glass window. Especially kids are like this idea very much and this app enables this idea on your phone. The best part of this app there are no limitation for your kids they can draw as many as imagination they want to create.

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